I am so thankful for all the brides I worked with in 2018. I learned so much from each and every one of you! I will admit there was a time early in my floral career where I was afraid of you as a collective group. I had heard so many negative stories about the crazy ones, the picky ones, the mean ones. But I quickly figured out that you are not all the same, and you are really just nice people trying to plan a stressful event. I love being able to help you by making your wedding flower decisions easy, and I strive to offer over-the-top customer service. So thank you to all of you awesome people for making my job easy and fun!

Here are some fun behind-the-scene photos of my weddings this year:

Hot Tea and Roses

This is how I plan your flowers. Hot tea, cookies, and inspiration. I spend hours (literally) choosing your flowers, writing quotes, ordering, changing and emailing.

Clean studio

This my studio. Clean and ready for a Wednesday when flowers arrive. Before the chaos.

Ranunculus and protea
Roses and orchids

Buckets of flowers! Ranunculus and Proteas. Orchids, roses and callas. Dahlias! This is what Thursdays look like. All the flowers have been processed, cleaned and put into buckets and into my cooler overnight.

Work day in the studio
clippers on counter
Flowers in studio

And the work begins! Buckets of beautiful flowers everywhere, and messes! Lots of scraps, tools, leaves and stems.

Bridal bouquet

Finally the finished product. I “try on” every bouquet and stand in front of a mirror to make sure every flower is where I want it to be.


I usually make corsages and boutonnieres last because they do not have a water source and I want them to last through your whole day. They are like tiny bouquets and require some patience!

Wedding Cake Flowers

Delivery day! Truthfully it is a huge relief to finally deliver and set up all your beautiful flowers, and it’s exciting for me to see it all come together.

White flowers

Leftovers are my reward for a long week. I enjoy taking what’s left and making something fun for my kitchen counter.

So that’s what happens after we meet! I have had a wonderful year and can’t wait to meet so many more wonderful people in 2019. I count you all as my new friends and I am very thankful to have been a part of your wedding.