I am a Flower Nerd (and you can be one too!)

I really do love flowers. I grew up vegetable gardening with my dad and flower gardening with my mom. I got my college degree in biology. I volunteer as an Extension Master Gardener in my community. I pride myself on knowing the names of everything I grow and use in my bouquets. I know how each plant grows and where they grow best. I might even know the Latin name. I am a Flower Nerd and I am proud of that!

But not everyone is like me. When it is time to think about wedding flowers do you know the names of flowers you love? Or just know how you want your bouquet to look? Today I want to help you be a Flower Nerd so when you have that consultation with your wedding florist you will both be on the same page. Win, Win!

The flowers you most likely see on Pinterest are what a florist might refer to as premium flowers. They are most beautiful in their own season (i.e. peonies in May), sometimes difficult to acquire, and always more beautiful than everyday flowers. Yes they are slightly more expensive than what you would spend on yourself normally, but this is your wedding. Your goal is to only do this thing once, so feel free to splurge just this one time. 

Pink Ranunculus

Ranunculus  This is a beautiful flower with many layered petals and it comes in several colors- pinks, orange, yellow, purple, variegated and more. Ranunculus are at their best from January to May. They are available most of the year except the hottest months of the summer (end of July, August & September) when some varieties become difficult to obtain.

Bright bouquet with anemone

Anemone  This is the flower that looks a little like a poppy and has a contrasting center. The most popular color is crisp white with a black center, but other colors include bright red, pink, magenta, purple, and blue. Anemones are typically in season from October through May.  

Burgundy bouquet with garden roses

Garden Rose  These beautiful flowers look nothing like the standard rose you normally see. Their ruffled layers make them a perfect substitute for peonies and they have a lovely rose scent. David Austin in England is a famous breeder of these roses which have the character and fragrance of old garden roses and the colors that brides love today. Peach, pinks, blush, coral, pale yellow, cream, reds and white- so many options and all incredibly beautiful. And they are available almost any time of the year!

Other flowers I love to include in bridal bouquets are things that add texture. You know from my photos that my bouquets are never boring. There are flowers like scabiosa, astilbe, thistle, stock, dahlias and celosia that add depth, color and character. If you look closely at the bouquets in these photos you will see herbs and berries like fennel, elderberry and blackberry, all from my garden. I always add something that I have grown to your bouquet as an added blessing from me to you. 

There is so much joy in flowers, and for me part of the joy is getting to know each flower personally. I hope I have encouraged you to learn a little more about what you want in your bouquet, or maybe even to start your own flower garden, so you can be a Flower Nerd like me!